"A blue whale’s heart is about the size and weight of a piano.
What do pianos and hearts have in common?
Both are thought of as melodic.
Both are masters of harmony.
But both are actually percussive.
Both have hidden strings."
– from Nick Jaina's Hearts and Brains

HEARTS AND BRAINS is a new musical lecture by Nick Jaina. It features looped guitar soundscapes created live by Nick, backed with heartbreaking film projected behind him while he recites from his personal essay exploring the depths of the heart and the brain, the strange connections therein, and all the wonders of the world.


"Disparate parts jam together for rich, heavy, simple delight in a one-hour experience. We are transported into Jaina’s chest as he opens up his life. The soundscape creates a singing bowl in the room. Intricate, soothing, haunting, low resonance enters my sternum. The atmosphere grows warm and soggy like September swampland rain. These melodies are sound tides washing in and out, propelled by blood moon, working away at my skin like water combing over sand. On top of that, words-as-lyrics pull apart my ribs prepped to crack. The rock of my body softens for this personal content, read by its writer who lived it."
– Heidi Kraay, Boise Weekly

"Nick Jaina has created a piece that stops time. You never want it to end. It is like a podcast mixed with a great concert, mixed with Chris Marker's seminal "Sans Soleil." Through film, music, and words, Jaina weaves a story that will heal your heart and expand your brain."
– Jennifer Strange, New Mexico Reader