The Modes of Writing is a weekly online writing course with Nick Jaina. It occurs on 8 consecutive Sunday nights in April and May for one hour each night. Nick presents a theme with inspiration for how to move forward. He talks individually with students about their work, answers questions, and makes suggestions for how to move forward.


Every Sunday for 8 weeks
April 7 – May 26
Video conferences every Sunday at 6pm PST

Conferences are recorded and posted that night for easy reference
We use Zoom for the conferences, which is free to use.


This class costs $175 per person for new students.
If you have taken any version of this class before, it costs $100 to return.

Payment plan options are available. If you have any questions about the nature of the class or payment options, write to

Modes of Writing Options


Class description:

In this eight week class we will go through a process of generating ideas, writing rough drafts, finding the intriguing parts and expanding on them, and fleshing them out into a finished product. This applies whether you want to write fiction, memoir, or essay.

My main goal is to be an ally for you and offer structured approaches to the creative side of writing in order to gain momentum and have writing be a solid part of your life.



The Modes of Writing Course Includes:

• A live one-hour video conference Sunday evening at 6pm PST where Nick discusses the theme and takes questions or comments. This video will be recorded and posted for everyone to watch the same night. If you are shy or retiring, you are welcome to watch it with your camera off or just watch the recorded version.

• Email correspondence with Nick and the rest of the group where you can share examples of what you've written, and learn from other people's take on the assignments. This is a great way to meet diverse writers from around the world and get peer-to-peer encouragement. In my recent class I had writers from Montreal, Austin, San Francisco, Portland, Tampa, London, and other places.


Your friendly teacher

Your friendly teacher


Some Questions You Might Have:


Q. I don't really write, but I want to. Is this class for me?

A. It most definitely is. This is a class about figuring out how to build a concerted writing process and move forward with a project that you are in love with.

Q. I've already written a book. Is this class for me?

A. Yes. I wrote one book and on my next one I realized I didn't know what I was doing and had to backtrack and figure out certain mechanics of writing. I love talking about these things in a language that makes sense to me, and I hope it can make more sense to you.

Q. I'm a poet. Is this class for me?

A. I have had poets take my class and I would say almost all of the things I talk about apply across genres.

Q. Why online?

A. I teach a lot of classes in person around the country, but I can't get everywhere. I've had many people ask if I would teach an online version, and well, here it is. Let's do this. I am here at your service.

Q. What platform do you use for the video conferences?

A. I use Zoom, which is free to download and easy to use. I record each class and post them on Vimeo the same night.

More questions? Write to