by Nick Jaina

when it was good it was in Ponchatoula
now that it's bad, it's in our souls, it's in our souls
when we were blessed, we were blessed in Ponchatoula
now that the crime's confessed, we are walking over the hot coals
when your dress was white, it was as white as the sun
when the sun was bright, we lived down there in a shotgun
when the rains came, well we did the best we could
if it weren't for the aligators, we would've slept out there in the woods

when it was right, it was in Ponchatoula
now that it's wrong, it's wrong all over the world
even when I was good, I was robbing banks in Ponchatoula
and even when you were bad, you were still my sweet angel girl
one day a flood will come and wash our sins away
it will smash our cares into the earthen clay
from the lips of every judge will be the cry of "Halleluja"
from the Lakes of Ponchartrain to my grave in Ponchatoula

© 2008 Nick Jaina