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Salt Lake City Bookmaking and Writing Workshop

Friday June 14th

at the Fellow Shop
217 E Broadway
Salt Lake City, UT


Join us for two evenings of bookmaking and writing. Nick Jaina and Sara Jensen will lead a workshop that takes you from nothing, literally nothing, into a hand-made journal and the tools you need to fill that journal with your beautiful observations about the tender world.

Writing is a magical process. Bringing ideas from the air into a tangible form is a transformative act that can help save the world from coldness and lack of empathy. How do we do it, though? How do we pull an idea from deep in the basement of our consciousness and be sure that it won’t be some terrifying rat that bites our hand and gives us rabies?

The truth is you don’t know. You have to try. And you have to trust that it is a worthwhile endeavor. Nick and Sara are here to help you, give support, give momentum, for the process of taking ideas from the aether and putting them on paper.

Don’t feel like you’re a writer? It’s okay, writing is for everyone. Feel like you are a writer? Great! There’s always something new to learn.

Join us at Hannah’s lovely space the Fellow Shop for two evenings of creativity and discovery.

The first night will be focused on making a journal by hand, and starting to build written ideas based off of what has been catching our eye lately. The second night will be focused on expanding those ideas into something bigger, something that starts to have its own gravity and magic.

Any questions, email

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Nick Jaina, author and teacher of authors.


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