One-on-one Writing Coaching and Editing

I am offering personal writing assistance. This typically is a one hour phone call each week where I give feedback on your writing, advice on where to go, or anything you need. I can talk you through the hard parts, celebrate the breakthroughs, and give you direction when you need it. This hour can be used however you want, and can lean more towards reading/ editing of your work if you wish. I have gone through the valleys of writing and would have loved to talk to a buddy to help me not feel so alone, so I would be happy to be that buddy for you.

Write me to discuss if it's right for you, or just schedule a free consultation and we can talk it out. Scared? I know, but it's okay. I want to help.



One hour session

Student Subscription (age 13 - 18)
$22/ month for one hour

Half Subscription
$55/ month for two hours

Regular Subscription
$111/ month for four hours


Email me at nickjaina@gmail.com to discuss.

Or just schedule a free consultation here:

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Writing Workshops



Writing Workshop
in Denlai National Park

at the Denali Education Center
Denali, Alaska




You wrote hundreds of stories and songs before you were five years old. No one told you to do it, you just wanted to. You didn't know anything about metaphors or third acts, but you had a constant drive to empathize, anthropomorphize, and play.

All we want to do with writing is go back to that state of effortless invention, and add some of the knowledge we have learned as adults.
To write is a remarkable act because we participate in it but are not entirely in charge of it. It is a needle that works its own way through the cloth. It is a broom that teaches us how to clean.
How do we work with such a determined force?
We can start just by regarding it, to see it as a quiet, personal part of our life, not a separate act.

Nick Jaina's writing workshops are devoted to going deeper with our writing, so that we can become better observers, better critical thinkers, and ultimately more balanced people. We can use writing to save our own lives and the lives of others. This is important work.

In small groups, Nick shares ideas on how to find inspiration, and works with the students on how to develop a kernel of an idea into a larger piece of writing. He gives prompts to generate personal stories, and helps the students find what is special and worth building on. This process will be focused on what is most important to the student, what they love in the world, and what they are frustrated with.

Writing is for everyone, and the first step is showing up, to signal to the world that you want to be a conductor for good.



Q. Okay, what exactly will we do in the workshop?
A. You will spend about a third of the time writing, based off prompts and exercises given by Nick. Another third of the time will be spent sharing that writing (if you want to, no pressure). Another third will be Nick presenting writing concepts and inviting group discussion.

Q. Do I have to share?
A. You absolutely do not have to share. The environment is very safe and supportive should you choose to share. It is not a competition or a proving ground. It can be helpful to hear students' work and critique the pieces together to understand different writing processes.

Q. Are there snacks?
A. Often there are snacks!

Q. What should I bring?
A. Just pen and paper or laptop for writing.

Q. What if I need to know more about Nick's bona fides?A. Totally understandable. Check out his podcast Nick Jaina Time, wherever you listen to podcasts. He reads from his book over a musical score that he created. It gives a good sense of his aesthetic and voice.

For more information, email nickjaina@gmail.com