Yoga + Writing Workshop
Saturday March 25th
1:30 - 4pm
at Yoga Mayu
4159 24th Street San Francisco, CA
Register by email: nickjaina(at)

Do you like to write, but not know how to get a project up on its feet? Do you have pieces of stories that you've jotted down that you don't know how to connect? Do you have an idea in your head that you can't even begin? You should come to this workshop.

We will start with a 60-minute asana practice lead by Jennifer Lewis alongside live music from Nick Jaina and interludes of his “Hearts and Brains” musical lecture. Then we will begin to write. After that, Nick Jaina, will tell you how to transform these ideas that you’ve just jotted down into larger projects. He will read you some examples from his Oregon Book Award Nominated memoir, Get It While You Can, and we talk about writing.

The purpose of this workshop is to give you confidence to create a project, organize it, and complete it. Everyone is welcome to join, whether they studied writing in college or have always been unsure how to get going. The focus is on getting over fears so that we can just write. You will gain confidence and realize that writng can be generated at any time. You don't need to wait around for inspiration.

You will also learn how to start assembling little pieces into a satisfying whole, and find ways of creating the structure in your lives that will regularly include writing.

All styles of writing welcomed: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, short story, memoir, and essay.

What should you bring: Water, notebook, pen and a light snack. Bananas are good.



A photo of Nick Jaina so you know he's real: