Let's Get Your Writing Project Up in the Air
a 4-Week Workshop
with Nick Jaina

4 Sundays
April 23, 30, May 7, 14
11am - 3pm

at Archipelago
3587 NE Prescott
Portland, Oregon

to register and ask questions, email nickjaina@gmail.com

Workshop costs $250
Class size is capped at 6 people
One scholarship is offered to a student who cannot afford the workshop fee. Enquire at the above email address.

Healthy snacks, tea, coffee, and water provided.


I am looking for people who have stories inside them, who describe these stories like they are speaking of a virus that has taken hold of them. "Why am I burdened with this? What do I do with it?"

I want to help you get these stories on paper and into the world. With this workshop we will transfer the inspiration, the story fragments, and the fever dreams into a project with a plan and a structure. Whether it is a novel, a memoir, or a collection of essays, we need to create inevitability. We want the project to have its own gravity, so it collects other beautiful parts to it.

Writing is meditation. It is a personal practice. Meditation is about being intentional about your breath. We find inspiration in the body and organize it with our intellectual brain. We then take this personal practice and make it into something the public can access. It is important to acknowledge and honor all the disparate parts of you to make a project happen: you have to be a writer, an editor, a poet, a journalist, and so many other things.

Let's give your project inevitability.


Class schedule

Week 1: Writing as Divination to Show You What You Want to Say

Week 2: Story Structure, Outlines, Defining The Essence of Your Story

Week 3: Subtext, Dialogue, Showing Rather Than Telling

Week 4: Falling In Love With Your Characters

Morning time will be spent working on inspiration, generating material, talking about concepts.
Afternoon time will be focused on specific discussion on the development of students' pieces.

There will be some additional time after class each week for one-on-one discussion.

There will be an optional reading list provided for materials that can help expand your understanding of certain concepts.


Nick Jaina is a writer and musician from Portland, Oregon. His work has been published in McSweeney's Quarterly, Atlantic, Oregon Humanities, Portland Mercury. His 2015 memoir Get It While You Can was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award. He has also co-founded a ballet company in New York City and toured the world playing music. 






A photo of Nick Jaina so you know he's real: