This is Nick's first book, a memoir. It is a warm, hopeful book about finding freedom and claiming it every day of your life, despite all the traps along the way.

It is a collection of unsent love letters, and a testimony to keeping faith in yourself despite failures.

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This is such a remarkable scientific fact that I can’t understand why everyone isn’t talking about it every day. This is more important than health care or algebra or the housing market. You could say that our desire to bridge distance is what is killing us. More and more, we want to get to places faster and we are burning ourselves up to make that happen. It doesn’t make any sense. If we are already connected to everything, we can stay right where we are.


Other times it tightens and I can feel every movement and I know what you’re feeling without you even telling me. This cord doesn’t obey borders or pacts of marriage or care how many babies you’ve passed through your body. It is an interloper and it breaks all the rules of human society, and maybe that’s why nobody wants to talk about it. We don’t ever have to talk about it, but still, I promise you, that cord is there.

You don’t even have to wait for the achingly slow currents of light to bring you these messages. They are already there.

Yours, presently,


Dear __________,

Do you know about quantum entanglement? It’s when two particles interact in such a special way that even if you separate them, their movements will continue to affect one another. You could be in Los Angeles with one of these particles and I could be in New York, and if your particle spins a certain way, my particle will spin that way, too. This connection happens instantaneously, which is to say that it’s faster than the speed of light.


There are cords around your heart connecting you to different emotions and places and people. You can’t see them physically, but that doesn’t matter. When you love something, your heart ties itself around it, like it’s tying a string around something it doesn’t want to forget. There is a cord that runs from my heart to yours, for ex- ample, and it goes right through the center of the earth. It is a long, stretchy cord. Sometimes it has slack in it and I can’t feel your pull and I wonder if you’re still there, or if you’ve slipped out of it some- how.