Recent Writing


Neutrons/ Protons

Nick writes for the New Orleans literary periodical Neutrons/ Protons.

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 Nick writes for Satellite Collective's online literary magazine Transmissions


Little Box of Lies

Nick writes an occasional column for Willamette Week in Portland called Little Box of Lies about the art and business of music and inspiration. Here are some of the best from that series:


Sadness: A Field Guide

Nick wrote an essay for Eye-Rhyme: a Journal of New Literature titled Sadness: A Field Guide, defining the different subtle shades of sadness that a human can experience.

"[W]hen arriving in a new city some orientation is welcome to even the most seasoned traveler. And I’ve been to this city. I know my way around. I offer you some points of interest, some ways around town."

Read the whole essay here.



Tour Diaries

Nick has kept tour diaries for most of his trips around the world. They can be found at Here are some of the highlights: