"Lessons from Fighting The Black Snake at Standing Rock"

from Medium.com - November 22, 2016

"The Black Snake is why everyone is camping in ever-colder temperatures on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. It is a reference to an old Lakota prophecy of an evil serpent that will crawl through the Great Plains. If it is allowed to win, the prophecy goes, we will have violated our bond with the earth too much, and the Black Snake will eat us all up, causing the end of the world." ...more

Now available in book form from Middle Creek Publishing. All proceeds go to Oceti Sakowin.

"What I Learned on What Might Be The Longest Book Tour Ever"

from Talkhouse.com - October 18, 2016

"I went on a long book tour. A very long book tour. Possibly the longest book tour ever. An author on tour will usually do readings at bookstores in seven or eight important cities, stay at a few Holiday Inn Expresses, fly around, and wrap it all up after about two weeks so that they can get started on their next book. My book tour lasted eighteen months and featured almost no bookstores or hotels." ...more

"Wrestling with the Republican Convention"

from Portland Mercury - July 27, 2016

"You don't get any closer to understanding the appeal of Donald Trump by looking at his policies or listening to his speeches. Smarter people than I have been driven to depression by trying to sort out the reasoning behind his popularity. I went to Cleveland last week for the Republican National Convention just to be near such an odd and crucial moment in history, to sail into the heart of the lonely storm and all that." ...more

Other Recent Writing

Nick Jaina's book Get It While You Can is, as the Los Angeles Review of Books says, "a love song to music and to those who make it and live it." It is a warm, hopeful book about finding freedom and claiming it every day of your life, despite all the traps along the way.