I Don't Believe You

by Nick Jaina

I don't believe you
you say there are traitors in the northern camp
I see soldiers with their clothing damp
waiting on a rubber stamp
to send them home

I don't believe you
you say there's coffee still in my cup
but that cup is just my empty hand
a scar on the native land
salvation army band

what's the shame in selling off
the meaning of your name?
what's the harm in making all them
stand out in the rain?
what's the use of trading
all your fortune for some fame?
it should be plain

I don't believe you
you say the moon is just a spinning rock
I see a lamb that has lost its flock
a ship in a storm tied to the dock
a broken clock

I don't believe don't believe don't believe you
you say that love
you say that love
is not enough

© 2010 Nick Jaina

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