I Know I'm Your Man

by Nick jaina

I tell lies that you see through
you tie ties I undo
I know birds don't fly
in a figure eight
you know I can't walk
on a line so straight
everybody knows
the girl with wine-stained hands
and I know I'm your man

boys tear wings from whippoorwills
there are some things that force can't kill
I know you are lost in a maze of corn
beneath the permafrost
the iceman plays his horn
all our perfect trips
could never have been planned
I know I'm your man

open up your heart
throw away the script
you're perfect for the part
all else is just wit

we always laugh
when no one else laughs
we walk down streets
that aren't on maps
I know if you could
you'd live inside a poem
you know there's a lie
burning up my home
you are so divine
I don't understand
but I know I'm your man

I need a second chance
feel it in the way the sparrows dance
as they make the turn
towards another home
and dusk has come
take my ink-stained hands
see how they are like a starling
now they'll believe the lie
I'll believe the truth
that I'm your man

© 2008 Nick Jaina