I Will Swallow the Sea

by Nick Jaina

now I see my situation clearly
my foes enamoured
my friends all fear me

now I see a light through open shutters
my words not stammered
my feet not in gutters

I will swallow the sea
so you can collect shells and be happy
but you will wander too far
slip behind a sand bar

you will fall for a sailor
whose ship has run aground
but I will not hold it in
and you will both drown

now I see my life is an open-shut case
the judge is blind
and my lawyer’s a nutcase

now I see the writing on the mirror
¸the note’s not signed
and the message is clearer

I am fused of iron 
so I can slip out clean
from the hangman’s noose
electric chair or guillotine

but if I want you back
I will have to dive into the sea
and my skin will rust
and the salt will eat me

© 2007 Nick Jaina