"Emergence" and "Rituals" (2014)

Two new modern dances with music composed by Nick along with the Satellite Ensemble. "Emergence" is choreographed by Esme Boyce and explores the idea of the intelligence of hive thinking. "Rituals" is choreographed by Manuel Vignoulle and offers an aggressively honest look at courting behaviors. 

These dances had their NYC premiere at BAM on May 16th and 17th. You can stream and download the music from the performance at the Satellite Ensemble Bandcamp page.

Here is the trailer for one of those pieces, "Emergence".

"A Conversation With Myself" (2012)

A modern dance collaboration between Nick and Candace Bouchard from Oregon Ballet Theater. This eleven minute piece is an exploration of the distance between two people in conversation, the ways that someone can feel isolated when they should feel close.

music by Nick Jaina, choreography by Candace Bouchard
performed at Bodyvox in Portland, Oregon 11.16.12
with dancers Martina Chavez and Brian Simcoe


"Warehouse Under the Hudson" (2012)

A full-length ballet composed by Nick with Nathan Langston, Amanda Lawrence, David Moss, and choreographed by Troy Schummacher. This is a narrative ballet, the story of a young woman who meets a thief who has collected her past. He then offers it back to her in exchange for her future.

music by Nick Jaina, Nathan Langston, Amanda Lawrence
performed at John J. College in Manhattan on October 28th, 2012

"Comsonaut" (2011)

This song cycle was written by Nick with Nathan Langston and Amanda Lawrence as members of the Satellite Ensemble. It originally premiered at the Baryshnikov Center in Manhattan in October of 2011. This video is from a performance at the Old Church in Portland in October of 2012, featuring Kaylee Cole and Luzelena Mendoza on vocals.

Nick wrote an extended essay on the creation of this work, which you can read at the literary magazine Transmissions.

music by Nick Jaina, Nathan Langston, Amanda Lawrenceperformed at the Old Church in Portland, Oregon 10.18.12
with Danah Olivetree, Anna Schott, Amanda Lawrence, Edward Cameron, Luzelena Mendoza, Jason Leonard, and projections by Lora Robertson and Kevin Draper

"Epistasis" (2011)

music by Nick Jaina, Nathan Langston, Amanda Lawrence
performed at Baryshnikov Center for the Arts in Manhattan
October 20th, 2011