Ep. 5 - "That's YOUR Grammy!"

Nick plays a show at Folsom Prison, and wonders whether he or the prisoners are getting more out of it. He talks to his friend Dorota about her memories of the experience.

Ep. 4 - Time is Not a Pigeon

Nick tries to get a handle on sadness by defining all its different permutations. He talks with his friend Leslie about a real medical condition referred to as "Broken Heart Syndrome." He then details the various office jobs he's had.

Ep. 3 - An Abalone Cross in a Well

Nick finds an abalone cross in a well in San Juan Bautista Mission. Instead of this find turning Nick into a priest, he decides to become a musician, because fuck it.

Ep. 1 - An Orange Kite Hanging in the Air

Nick reads the first three chapters of his book, Get It While You Can, backed by musical accompaniment performed by him. In the middle he calls his mom for an interesting conversation about what the kids in his third grade class thought about Donald Trump.