The Rhythm of the Wrecking Ball

by Nick Jaina

I play the rhythm of the wrecking ball
I play destruction ‘cause it grips us all
I play the fire the Lord has set in me
I play the minor chord as harmony
I play the lie they told since I was born
I play the dress that no one else has worn
I play the war between the North and South
I play the corners of your perfect mouth

won’t they see that you are not like them?
won’t they roll their eyes across your hem?
won’t they want to plow the earth anew?
won’t they want to do the same to you?
won’t they loan you several records to play?
won’t I be a thousand miles away?
won’t they pin you to their bedroom wall?
won’t I be a sorry wrecking ball?

© 2006 Nick Jaina